Friday, June 15, 2012

New Adventures!

Its been awhile and Ive much to say but first things first, start from where Im at and then work back to the beginning. I got a new job in West Virginia and I am so excited to be starting in August! This time, its more then Middle and high school, now it expands all the way down to preschool, which for me is a bit intimidating, but its a new adventure so Ill be fine... right??? I was not accepted to grad school for the fall, so this is the next best thing, and Ill continue to perservere and I will reapply, and take the monster that the GRE truely is!!! Ill be leaving Nebraska in the morning and I am really excited for this new adventure. Ive been up to WV and I really like it up there, trees, trees, trees, mountains, and did I mention trees? :)The weather is super awsome and I like the fact that it is cool in the morning and that it does not get too hot either. Im excited to be closer to Liesel and Blake as well! :) I am blessed with the greatest friends in the world, from sea to shining sea! I do need to find a job for the summer though as money is extremely tight and well, I dont get my first pay check until september from the school district; (it couldnt be easy right). ANyway, I am still excited I need as my wonderful mission president on the eve of my first transfer so eloquently called it "A change of scenery and a fresh start." Smart man with excellent advice! :) Im beginning to learn that I am a good person, and not because someone tells me that I AM, i AM BECAUSE I AM. No, Sam I Am didnt sat that in Green Eggs and Ham, but WHAM, I was hit over the head in church last Sunday and I now realize that I am responsible for my own happiness and I want to be happy. Where do I begin to become happy??? I sat down last night and made a list of goals and then I made a list of things that make me who I am what I am good at and then finally I made a list of things that make me happy. Each list though short helped me realize that I am wasting time thinking that I have not acheived much because I have either been limited by others, or at times I have limited myself because I am not fully aware of my abilities, strengths, talents, and worth. Hmmm, there is a problem there and I intend to change this negative thinking as not to waste anymore of my time. I am going to increase my talents, work on my abilities and strengths, and as for my worth, STOP thinking that Im not good enough for things because I am, I may be behind in many areas, but Ive limited my thinking in this area... no more! Adventure is not a one time thing, it is as is anything else that is good, a life long process, and that adventure begins... not tomorrow, but TODAY< Right now this very MINUTE!!!

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