Friday, June 15, 2012

New Adventures!

Its been awhile and Ive much to say but first things first, start from where Im at and then work back to the beginning. I got a new job in West Virginia and I am so excited to be starting in August! This time, its more then Middle and high school, now it expands all the way down to preschool, which for me is a bit intimidating, but its a new adventure so Ill be fine... right??? I was not accepted to grad school for the fall, so this is the next best thing, and Ill continue to perservere and I will reapply, and take the monster that the GRE truely is!!! Ill be leaving Nebraska in the morning and I am really excited for this new adventure. Ive been up to WV and I really like it up there, trees, trees, trees, mountains, and did I mention trees? :)The weather is super awsome and I like the fact that it is cool in the morning and that it does not get too hot either. Im excited to be closer to Liesel and Blake as well! :) I am blessed with the greatest friends in the world, from sea to shining sea! I do need to find a job for the summer though as money is extremely tight and well, I dont get my first pay check until september from the school district; (it couldnt be easy right). ANyway, I am still excited I need as my wonderful mission president on the eve of my first transfer so eloquently called it "A change of scenery and a fresh start." Smart man with excellent advice! :) Im beginning to learn that I am a good person, and not because someone tells me that I AM, i AM BECAUSE I AM. No, Sam I Am didnt sat that in Green Eggs and Ham, but WHAM, I was hit over the head in church last Sunday and I now realize that I am responsible for my own happiness and I want to be happy. Where do I begin to become happy??? I sat down last night and made a list of goals and then I made a list of things that make me who I am what I am good at and then finally I made a list of things that make me happy. Each list though short helped me realize that I am wasting time thinking that I have not acheived much because I have either been limited by others, or at times I have limited myself because I am not fully aware of my abilities, strengths, talents, and worth. Hmmm, there is a problem there and I intend to change this negative thinking as not to waste anymore of my time. I am going to increase my talents, work on my abilities and strengths, and as for my worth, STOP thinking that Im not good enough for things because I am, I may be behind in many areas, but Ive limited my thinking in this area... no more! Adventure is not a one time thing, it is as is anything else that is good, a life long process, and that adventure begins... not tomorrow, but TODAY< Right now this very MINUTE!!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January in review

Its the last day of January and its been quite a month. Warm weather, great days, what more can I ask for? I was able to complete my taxes early, finished and submitted the last of my paperwork and applications for school, and even got my FAFSA done today. So, whats next??? Well, a lot of waiting, patience, pins and needles, it's worth it though, right??

I think that February is going to be exciting, if at work if for nothing else. Time flies when you're having fun and many adventures are awaiting me I'm sure of it.

Until next time, have a great day!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jan 2012 adventures thus far...

#1. 9am church
#2. 5am work after 2hrs sleep!
#3. 8hour work day on 2hours sleep!
#4. After work finding out I had a flat tire.
#5. Changing the tire and breaking the last lugnut.
#6. Spare was flat.
#7. Needing to air up the spare and the batteries being dead in the compressor.
#8. Calling for help with car.
#9. It was a holiday so no car places open.
#10. Drove home on 3 lugnuts and a spare.
#11. Driving to work this morning on the same scenerio.
#12. Arriving to work 20 min early :)
#13. Interesting. Interesting. Note left in my mailbox at work.
#14. Get car fixed.

Today is the 3rd and its already been an eventful year! MOre to come I'm sure!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

August-December 2011

Much has happened since my last post and I would like the opportunity to take a look back on this Christmas Eve to remember whats happened along the way.

AugustMany things happened this month. At the end of last month Jill came to town and we went on an exciting adventure that Im not sure I mentioned. It began here in Nebraska and spaned all the way to Cedar City Utah! :)

Jill and I in front of the Winter Quarters Nebraska Temple!

Salt Lake Temple

This was just the beginning of the many adventures along the way in the closing days of summer for me. I loved every minute of being able to see old friends, Jamie, Nichelle, Stephanie, and Laura and Jared. Seeing Laura and Jared again was a treat and it was an awsome experience to go flying in one of Jared's planes with his instructors! Good times Good TIMES!!! IT WAS GREAT TO SEE THEM ALL AGAIN, ITS BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE ID SEEN ALL OF THEM. I also began Taekwondo and it seems fun!

As summer came to a close, a new adventure awaited me; that of returning for another school year as a speech assistant at Norris Middle School.


AS the new school year begins there are many challenges, making schedules going through files, learning the new faces of the students I will be working with. school started and went well at least as well as could have. Ive begun working on Grad school apps in hopes of returning to school next fall!


This month started off great with General COnference. Things were going well at work and then that week I learned of the passing of a friend. Less than a week later I learned of the passing of Jared, whom Id seen just 6 weeks earlier. He passed away in a plane crash. The news of his passing was a major shock to me because he was a great man. There are many months ahead of me in the school year and I almost dont know where to begin. Still working on Grad App stuff and trying to stay busy.


Another month has come and gone and Ive not completely come to terms with Jared's passing. I have much to be grateful for this year; a good job, the opportunity to travel, see old friends, see the US via my car, and love every adventure along the way, from Rifle CO the mighty Rocky Mountains, to the Great Salt Lake Valley, from Cedar City to Williamsburg VA and the Appliacians in between its been an awsome experience. Recieved a new belt ranking in Taekwondo this month. Ive moved up from white to Orange.


As I close out this year and I sit her on this Christmas Eve I ponder the joys Ive been blessed with from January to present. Its been a wonderful adventure. I could not and would not have traded a second of the adventure! I finished my Grad apps this week and am excited to know the outcome. I cannot thank those with whom I could not be where I am today enough for the blessings they are in my life.
I know that there is much to come in the days and months ahead, and I look forward to the adventures that await me.

Our Savior loves us so much and this is a beautiful season to reflect upon our blessings and what weve been given, the greatest gift we could ever receive that of His life, His love, and His Atonement, as well as His Resurrection so that we too may live with Him and Our Heavenly Father once more. It is Him to whom all of my blessings come and to whom I give all credit for that which I am able to do each day.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Crazy Summer Adventure #??? Well I forgot (too many to count). Todays adventures included a close call with an albino alligator at the zoo when I dropped my sunglasses about 6 inches from his face... luckily I got them out without harm to the alligator or myself. Next I went to walmart and when I returned from shopping I walked to my car and got in... much to my suprize it wasnt my car but an exact replica (i realized it wasnt my car when I noticed my tassle wasnt in there) needless to say it wasnt my car and I was embarassed... then I went to Karate and well lets just say i fell flat on my face in front of my class of 8-10 year olds... AWSOME DAY for ME!!! :) LIFE IS GREAT and I AM SO BLESSED!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Helping with the brick makin process, fun!!!

I think this guy made have been part of the ghost tour, too bad he was out in broad daylight giving tours at the govoners mansion, seems a pity for such good talent to be wasted on a daylight apperance.

Ok so Im not perfect!

THis is one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip!!!

This was a cool ship!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Virginia, where our nation began!!!

After my wonderful week in Colorado I was home for only a couple of days and then I was off again. Off to Williamsburg to spend a week with some of my other favorite friends Blake and Liesel and their beautiful son Collin. The week began with the trip taking longer to drive than I had originally thought, oh well. I was able to relax and have alot of fun sight seeing and being a tourist through Jamestown, Yorktown, Williamsburg, The Ghost Tour in Williamsburg, and The Harbor Fest in Norfolk. To finish off the week there was the bluberry picking in Surry and the Ferry ride to get there. (I hope I didnt miss any of the highlights other then the fact that I got to spend time with Liesel which was awsome!!!). Having Texas plates on my car did help with driving around because people knew I was a tourist, which means that sometimes when you make mistakes in driving people can think, that person , well we'll forgive them because they are from Texas.
Overall it was a jam packed week full of adventure and alot of fun!!!!!